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The Who. The Why. The When.


Looking back over the past 9 years, we still can not believe we own a wedding venue. 

When The Stone Mill property became available we looked at it as an opportunity to fulfill a dream. Pam (owner) a cosmetologist by trade had always wanted a spa, luckily she is married to a carpenter and the task of revitalizing a historic home was not daunting. Fast forward a year, with the help of family and friends The Stone Mill 1792 was painted, cleaned, landscaped and ready to be shared once again. 

When we officially opened to the public it was to continue the tradition held by Inez and Jerry Fenster of hosting a Christmas Open House. It was during this magical time that we received the news that a spa would not be possible. So the dreaming continued, a boutique, a bed and breakfast, a venue? Shortly after we were approached by a bride wanting to get married at The Stone Mill. WE SAID YES!

And so it began.

We are blessed by every wedding, shower and party that is held on the property. We believe that The Stone Mill 1792 is something to be shared. We are so honored that we get to be a part of so many love stories. 

Family First. We take these words pretty serious, especially as a family owned an operated business. We can not count the times this slogan has been put into practice over the years, when someone on our staff has called out of work "Family First", when a bride has had to postpone a wedding "Family First", and even in booking certain dates "Family First". We are lucky enough to have three generations "working" at The Stone Mill 1792. If you have been here for a tour, event or to shop you have probably met our manager, Kate (daughter of Pam and Joe) and her girls Oaklee and Olive. We joke that they are the hardest working babies but we are truly blessed to have them with us. 

Meet The Team & Family 

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Joe & Pam Hepner: Owners 


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Travis, Kate (Manager), Olive, & Oaklee Moser 

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